Pack Dynamics & Steering

Been zwifting on a kickr bike since its release. Never used steering until recently.

When I steer to the center and left side of the pack at or near the front I stay there for only a short period of time before zwift boots me to the right fringe of the pack. This is true for first person and default camera view. I find this extremely annoying.

It happens with such regularity that I began to think I was inadvertently pressing the right steering button or that I have a sticky switch. Both have been ruled out.

Is this normal zwift pack dynamics at work? It really sucks. So much so that I have stopped using steering. It just doesn’t work. Steering seems to be implemented so much better in RGT.

I pulled the Sterzo off the shelf when 1.39 came out and have used it daily since.

Can’t say I have seen anything like what you describe.

Does it only happen when you are close to the front? Or also mid-group?

I think getting pushed out to the right is only happening for Kickr Bike users, based on other posts I’ve seen. I know Zwift knows about and I’m pretty sure it’s on their list of things they are actively trying to fix.

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Seems to happen wherever I am in the pack (front to back).

Well, this is encouraging.