Pace Partner

I tried using the Pace Partner for the first time today, do other folks like these? I liked it, but it’s tough to maintain their pace with my set up. I was always gaining a little or dropping back a little. Lots of .1 mph adjustments. The other thing I found odd was that the pace runner dropped to a walk a couple times. I didn’t mind that, but it would be nice to have a little warning. Or if there was a warning I didn’t see it.


I don’t use them as I run at the same flat pace each time which is between A and B pace.

Unlike cycling there’s no drafting or incline changes so you can either keep up or you can’t. Cycling you can draft to help you if you’re struggling.
Hopefully in time they’ll have custom pace partners where you can set their pace.

I can see that. I think we can’t control the pace because they are visible to everyone. Seems like zwift would be able to make a “ghost partner” with a custom pace if they wanted to. In any case, the Pace Partner does work better on a bike.

I use it for a change sometimes and part of what I like is being forced to change my pace up and down. The part I don’t like is that I need to warm up before I run and so I have to do the warm up as a separate workout. I must say I’ve never seen the pace partner walk.

It was the slowest level, but it did slow to a walk, at least twice. I only ran 4 miles and it was on an 8 mile loop.