Pace Partners


I am sure I am not the only person finding the D class pace partner is too slow for me, but the C pace partner is too fast for me. Is there any way to make a customised pace partner. I tend to find it most comfortable riding at around 2.0 w/kg which is slightly too slow for the C pace partner.


There isn’t an E pace partner because that’s only in the races. Everyone goes there own pace and it wouldn’t work. But no. There isn’t any other pace partner… maybe try drafting off of the people in CC’s group. Hope this helped.

I just find, even holding draft with the people in CC’s group, after 10 mins (max) at that pace, I am blowing and just can’t sustain it for long periods.

Yeah, why not make a custom workout try staying at 130 watts for 30 mins… if u fail then try again. Once u get used to it it’s very easy to stay with CC at a comfortable pace! :relaxed:

Good plan, I like it, thank you Liz! :slight_smile: Also, I did a reasonably long ride (for me anyway) yesterday, so it may just be that I am not feeling it today :slight_smile:

Congrats! :confetti_ball::relaxed: Yeah sometimes I’m not feeling it either… like yesterday… on the TDZ! :joy: I wasn’t feeling my best on that one.

I have found that often due to the draft (?) ( and being a heavier rider) I can keep up with Coco’s C 2.5, doing about 1.9 W/Kg , although she (?) does seem to surge from time to tine

I find Dan very difficult to stay with especially on downhills where without braking my momentum accelerates me to the front.

I have been thinking about this, and I think the reason I struggle with C is to go at 2.5w/kg I need to do about 222 watts as I am about 89kg, I can’t sustain that for long periods, even on a good day I don’t think. I am wondering whether I can get that down to 1.9w/kg you mention in the draft Steve, as that is around 180 watts and that is more doable.

It mostly depends on your weight. I’m lighter then u Jamie so it’s harder for you to push out more watts. 1.9w/kg I’m pushing to about 90 watts for 1.9w/kg. Like I said. Do a workout that makes u do 130 or higher for a good amount of time.

Hi Jamie,

Have you tried riding a Tour de Zwift stage yet? I love it because there are so many people, there always seems to be a group going at the pace I want, whether I want to push myself hard or take it easy. Last year, doing that made me a faster rider because I always wanted to chase the next group, or hang onto the one I was in!

If your stamina’s not there, you could start with one of the shorter rides or a rookie ride. And remember - blowing up sometimes can be positive, it shows you’re pushing yourself hard!