Pace partners too consistent in the climbs and downhill

I find the pace partners too problematic to follow. (edited to avoid confusion)
People do not ride like them, not by a longshot!
In every single climb, diesel dan slows down like he hits the brakes, and when you hit the top, i often have to get out of my seat and push 4-6wkg just to keep up as he’s really going at it.

I find it nearly impossible to stay with it and when i loose the partner, well it kinda ruins the experience and workout.

My suggestions to improve them (constructive feedback)
Make the follow area bigger (a few meters more)
Make him more visible when you have chosen “ride with pace partner”
Make him slow down slower on the climbs, keeping his momentum longer.

I definitely feel the same way. I love the concept of the pace partners, and some of the execution.

I’ve only ridden with Diesel and Coco, so I can’t speak to the others. Coco is on a flat course, so she’s pretty consistent. But Diesel Dan is nearly impossible to stay with through the esses. Right away, your being warned you’re too far ahead, so you basically stop for a second, then he blows past you. After two laps where the drops bonus reset through the esses, I left the group.

I love the concept of a consistent w/kg ride. But since we all treat those rollers a little differently, maybe a little more grace period before resetting the drops bonus would continue to incentivize riders to stick with the partners more. Again, I love the idea behind pace partners, and am glad these were added. Could just use a few tweaks.


Dan Diesel is a big guy weighing 82kg so he slow down on the climbs.

Maybe give Dan some motivation on the climbs, climbs is his weak point.

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Huh. At around 190cm and 87kg (down from 93kg 14 months ago, due in part to Zwift), I’m probably not likely to give Dan a pass on that. :wink:

I tried riding with Dan once, and it was almost impossible to go slow enough on the climbs to stay with him.

Please put DD on the flat course and put CC on a more rolling terrain.

This would make more sense. Or just get the partners to ride like normal people.


Okay, how blind am I that, until you referred to CC, I hadn’t noticed that they were AA, BB, CC, and DD in order of difficulty? Pretty obvious, but I just totally missed that.

And yes, switching Coco and Dan might make sense. But I suspect there will still be the issue of how Coco reacts to the essess.


I think the range is too wide in Diesels rides. 1 - 2.4?

For a long-time rider that has been off the bike too long or for real beginners, 2.4 is tooo hard to maintain. Love the idea tho. A local outdoor group has regular rides that have up to 6 different average speeds. Maybe a E pacer would be good.


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A lot of normal people slow to a crawl on hills. DD is 82 kg, what about people that are 100+ kg

I think it is great that DD is like a real person.


well, i ride with two guys that are 100kg+ and even if we take it slow, we still FLY past DD when the climb start.
Let me rephrase that: We need to STOP pedaling before the climb because DD slows down too fast.

I have a much better Idea, add the pacepartner multiplyer to normal grouprides that is hosted by community groups that way it will motivate all riders to STAY with and arround the rideleader and not take off like maniacs and push the pace :slight_smile:

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I find the pace partners very frustrating to ride with.

The bubble around them is very small, and difficult to see in a group. Go out of it for what feels like just a few seconds and suddenly your progress bar is reset, no matter if you are sprinting to catch up or have stopped pedalling to drop back a few meters! Very demotivating which somewhat seems to go against the whole point of them.

Feels like a couple of easy fixes: (i) make the bubble around them bigger (perhaps a gap measured by 1 or 2 seconds rather than virtual meters which don’t really mean anything) and/or (ii) don’t reset the progress bar every time anyone drops out of the bubble and then renters it (or at least only reset it if they’ve been out for a significant amount of time like 1min)

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Real people naturally increase power on a hill

Yeah, definitely agree with the first one. Make the bubble MUCH wider… like 100m or more. Usually I’m trying to zone out, maybe check my phone, jump off real quick on a descent to grab something, do an interval, etc, and find the pace partners needing way too many fine adjustments to stay with them. Add in the normal lag and it is frustrating.

Not too concerned with progress bar/drops … not a bad idea, just… does any one really need more drops? I do enjoy the gamification aspect, for sure, but just honestly don’t care about the drops.

As with all the pace partners, Dan pushes the exact same power on all terrain. Same watts versus gravity means slower speed. Likewise, Dan travels faster downhill. Why? Because he pushes the same watts going downhill as when he’s on the flats and uphill. The game physics are the same. You can confirm this by “watching” one of the Pace 'bots. Drop into the game, don’t bother pairing your devices, choose Watopia, and select a pace partner. Then, Ride with Dan! When Dan appears on-screen (ignore the pedal assist warning that pops-up), click on his name at the right. You will now be “Watching” the world through Dan’s “eyes”. Of course his speed changes - but his power output does not. The extreme variability that we all experience in keeping pace with these 'bots is induced by game physics. In other words, Dan is affected by the dynamics of drafting (or not) by the other riders in the peloton, in the same manner you are. I have found using perspective view 9 (“drone” view) helps me to keep track and match speed changes.