Where is the level E pace partner?

Ok, not all of us are up to keeping up with Dan, how about reducing Dan’s range which is currently 1-2.4 w/kg to 1.7-2.4 and creating Eddie/Edwina with 1-1.6 range for those of us who would like to keep up with a pace partner but don’t have the legs yet.

There are 5 categories for racing, why not 5 for pacing ?


There’s actually only 4. E is used for events that includes everyone. Sometimes it is used differently.


One minor point: the Pace Partners may say they have a range of power outputs, but right now I believe they’re riding at a set wattage. I know that Coco is riding at 2.5 W/kg exactly, which translates to 163W. I know that Bowie is either 3.2 or 3.3 W/kg. I haven’t ridden with Dan, so I don’t know what wattage he/it is at, but I’d guess 2.0 W/kg or lower. Zwift may be planning on making them vary their power outputs a bit more.

I agree that at least an E-level pace partner with, say, 1.8 W/kg is needed.

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Actually it’s 5 if you include A+, they just aren’t usually separated into their own pen.


“I agree that at least an E-level pace partner with, say, 1.8 W/kg is needed.”

Yes, not all of us can keep up with D, give ua a chance to use the awesome Pace Partners.


Coco does in fact ride at a constant 2.5W/Kg. 1.9-2W/kg is all that is usually needed to stay with her.
This I believe is due to the draft form the many riders.
What I don’t understand is why the peloton seems to surge and change speed whilst she maintainis the same power ( the route is mainly flat at 0%)

I find Dan harder to stay with, as a heavier rider, I tend to accelerate more down the hills, even after drastically reducing my power.