Pace Partner: Hide names of nearby riders completely

Really love the Pacepartner, because not losing the drops multiplicator keeps me concentrated and therefore helps a lot in getting a good stress relief for the brain ;-).

I was wondering if you might consider the following userstory:

As a rider following my pace partner I want to be able to hide all the other rider names in the blob so that I can even have a deeper immersive experience while riding.
All the other rider’s names in front of me or at the bottom of the screen are a distraction and useless information when I solely concentrate on the pace partner.

Thanks for any comments on that.
Ride on!

I think they have something like that in FutureWorks where all the screen info is not displayed for a more immersive experience. But I think only club Jarvis has had the ability to try it.

I haven’t seen any Club Jarvis activity in months. Am I missing something?

Probably not. Seems like Zwift features have slowed to a crawl.

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