Toggle Riders name above riders

When I’m racing in large group it is very hard to watch up the road when there are constant name banners covering the screen. I do like the banners in some instances but in a full pack it limits visibility allot. I would propose adding a keyboard button/shortcut to toggle the above avatar names on/off. This way in a full race a simple push of a button would clean up the view from the peleton. Otherwise we can not see activity at the front of the pack.

Can’t say it’s ever bothered me, but I definitely agree it should be either a toggle or a preference setting.


Oh come on Casey! Out of all of the things that need fixed and this is what you want to focus on? :joy: You have my vote on this because it can be annoying, especially when there are so many name tags stacked that you can’t actually tell who anyone behind you is.

I am up for a button to clear the screen, not that I am always in a big group but it is annoying at times.

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Agreed - causes issues for me on iPad in group events with kom/sprint efforts, as can’t see the start lines coming!

I really enjoyed the mountain bike steering segment, it worked very well and help me focus and work harder! Something I found very distracting were the little labels flying left to right at the bottom of the screen of the riders distance’s behind me. With this twisty course and some riders not using steering and bouncing back and forth, the fast moving, distracting labels were just below the path I was trying to steer to. It would be great to be able to toggle those off.

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