Option to suppress rider names pop-up bubbles, and "ride on"

In a large group ride, the rider names popping up in a bubble and the big “ride ons” can make it difficult to see front of the pack.  It also detracts from the “realism” in all rides.  

I don’t really care to know the rider’s name who is in front of me, much less six of them.  Why not let the user chose whether or not to see this?

Request: make the display of bubble names above riders optional – enable a “clean” look.  

I agree. There probably needs to be some options for displaying names:

a. Fully enabled

b. Fully disabled

c. Only display names of people I follow

d. If x number of riders on screen display no more than y number of names.

e. Only display the name of the ride leader / beacon. This is so that if they are behind you, you can see the how far back they are. Useful in a group ride where you’re meant to stay near to the beacon.

Regarding the massive Ride on’s that you end up riding through, there probably needs to be a maximum size so that they don’t take up most of the screen as they can do now. 

Concur  + 1 please

I agree

Yes. More UI flexibility is always better.

Zwift has too much UI forced on us without the option to adjust it or turn it off.