Please let us turn off NAMES/COUNTRY

(> Happy Runner) #1

Your graphics are beautiful.  The new birds are great.  I can really get into the virtual mindset.  I’m not a fan of London cuz I don’t like riding in the rain IRL.  I love Watopia cuz its tropical!

Yet a group ride is all buggered up with a zillion names and flags appearing above riders and obscuring the view.  It defeats realism.

Some people may like having names/flags – ,my suggestion is to make it an optional toggle so that each rider can have their preference.

(Philip Amos) #2

How will you know who anybody is in rides where we we are all forced to wear the same jersey?

(> Happy Runner) #3

That’s why my suggestion was that it should be optional – personally, I don’t care who anyone is in a ride.  But someone who does could leave names ON.  It would be nice to have the option of a clean screen.