Rider names in center of screen

When riding, randomly, the names of other riders are shown over their avatars. Also, some show up at the bottom of the screen that are behind you. The ones at the bottom are fine. I ask that the ones in the middle of the screen blocking the view of things be removed, unless the rider with the name is a favorite. I don’t need names of random people I don’t know in the blob taking up screen space. But friends that I have saved as favorites that I’m riding with would be nice to have just their names above their avatar. Useful in big group rides where everyone is in the same kit (like Tour de Zwift). But otherwise, I’d rather only have the names at the bottom. Thanks!

This would be nice to be able to switch on and off.

I find it useful in races, as I can start to identify who might go over the top of the next climb, who catches us on the descent and therefore might have a bigger sprint, etc. So I wouldn’t want it to go away entirely. But a switch to be able to turn it off would be cool.

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