Diffrenet modes for on screen names appearence + Frame Rate Limit

Current way of how game chose who’s name to show on screen is very confusing.
It would be nice if there was some different options of how and when to show names.
For instance:

• Default — names of friends, people who gave you a “ride on” during current activity, group ride leaders and jersey owners names are always shown (other people names do also appear when mouse pointer is over their avatar).

• Hover — Name will appear only when mouse pointer is over someone’s avatar. (very handy to give “ride on”)

• Hide all (Hover wont work for Apple TV users anyway)

Additionally would be great to be able to click on another rider (in list or on screen) and chose to follow that person’s route or give “ride on” (but I guess that was suggested already).

And very important thing called “Frame Rate Limit”, because there is no need to overload GPU with more than 60fps for that game. Some people, especially MacBook users would even prefer to set limit to 30 or 45fps, so their laptops wont fry.

Speaking of macOS, why menu is so hard to use with the touch pad? It is almost impossible to chose between different resolution/battery modes: when used single “tap” — nothing happens, single tap with click — nothing happens, double tap with click — something shows up but it disappears immediately and with some luck the mode is finally changed.

Aside from that Zwift is awesome and it is getting better with every update, thanks!