Pace partner animation incorrect if ahead of pace partner

There is only one animation used when you stray away from a pace partner, no matter if you are ahead of the pace partner or behind them.

That animation clearly indicates that you are behind them, which can be confusing when you notice the warning and it seems to indicate that you are too far behind and you don’t see the beacon.

There should be two different animations. Easy fix is to use the same material but swap the icons to create a new one when you are ahead of the pace partner.

I agree. And this is probably the most common request concerning the 'bots. The theme is always, “where am I in relation to the 'bot”?? Whether it’s for a clear indicator on the maps (both Win and Companion), and even + or - indicators (ahead or behind) etc - the feedback is consistent. The “Stay With Pace Partner” animation is at once quite sophisticated (in that it DOES show rate of change of relative position), but quite confusing in that it ALWAYS depicts the 'bot ahead of the rider, even when the reverse is true. The fix would show the pacer icon closing on the rider from behind, then passing ahead and rubber-banding accordingly. It makes no sense to show the 'bot ahead in the tactical display when the rider is actually ahead. In this image from my ride today, I am actually ahead of Coco, but as one can see, she is depicted on screen as being ahead of me!

If I were to accelerate as the animation suggests, I would drop the group before there was time to recognize my error. This has happened to me dozens of times.

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