List Pace Partner position relative to me

When riding with a Pace Partner, I may not be in the immediate vicinity of the Pace Partner. Then I can’t tell where the Pace Partner is (how far ahead or behind).

At the top of the “Zwifters nearby” panel, I’d like to see a continuous display the Pace Partner’s position (in seconds) relative to me, regardless of whether the Pace Partner is near or far.

Surely if using the pace partner properly it should be visible in front of you, as you’re basing your pace off of it

Sometimes the pace group gets split (for instance on the undulations of Titans Grove). Then I may either fall off the pace or end up in a leading group so as not to lose drafting. If I am in a leading group then there will occasionally be a message like, “Please let the pace partner catch up.” I would just like a continuous readout of the Pace Partner’s position relative to me so I can make appropriate adjustments. (Of course, for other riders this would show the position relative to them.)

Also, I don’t know about others but I sometimes have trouble keeping visual track of the Pace Partner, especially in a large group.

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I don’t see why the RoboPacer position couldn’t be treated the same as our HoloReplay riders, with a constant display in the list of riders.


Exactly. :+1: