Incorporate a fence to the Pace Partner

Sometimes its incredibly hard to see the pace partner especially CoCo because of her blue colour. With how clear the fence is if a fence was added arround a Pacepartner like in group rides it would be much easier to see if you are going too far away from the pacepartner to keep the multiplier.

please no!


A beacon would make more sense and wouldn’t bother others nearby not riding with the PP like a fence would

They already have beacons.


if you switch to camera view 9, it can help you gauge how close you are to the pace partner. you have to be a little careful with gradient changes in that view, but it’s much easier to see and stay with the beacon.

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Please, no fence.
Its nice to warm up with a C paced ride then a group gathers at the front and spawns their own ride at a faster pace.
There is no purpose to a fence with the pace partners.
The fence with the group rides is useful for keeping the group together.
The flyers that normally would disrupt some group rides can now ride with a pace partner and ride as fast as they want.
The pace partner rides are not the same as a regular group ride.
They are another type of group ride.


That’s a good move, I rode with one today briefly as a warmup and I didn’t see the beacon but that’s likely because I was too close to it. Beacons seem to only be visible from a little distance away

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Hi Simon, have you updated to the latest version of Zwift on your device and do you see a beacon above each pace partner?
If you don’t see the beacon, an update may be worthwhile because I think Zwift has already made a huge improvement to the problem you’re discussing, by adding the beacons.

The Coco Cadence overhead indicator and body color scheme is the same color as ride ons, which makes her difficult to discern from all the falling thumbs. There is no clear indicator on the corner tactical map or on the Companion App map to distinguish the pacer bot, and as a result, it’s quite difficult to ascertain RELATIVE position before being dropped, or running off the front. This is a common theme in the feedback.

Today, whilst riding with a pacer 'bot, a large group ride JOINED Coco Cadence, who became nigh impossible to distinguish amongst all the falling thumbs. Worse still, the group ride leader (who quite confusingly WAS depicted on the Companion App - but NOT the pace partner) kept moving ahead and astern of the 'bot. Looking at the the maps (Win and Companion) with no Coco indicator, but a group ride lead, constantly gave me conflicting perspectives on my relative position with respect to the pace partner - the key real-time aspect that every pacer/rider needs to know…

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Instead of a fence, I would like an indicator showing if you are in front or behind the pace partner when you get too far away.

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Concur. I’ve suggested that Zwift merely modify the “Stay With Pace Partner” animation to reflect relative position. As it stands now, whether you are ahead or behind the pace 'bot, the animation does not distinguish–the animation ALWAYS suggests that the rider is behind the 'bot, when I most often get booted from ahead. Here’s a recent screen shot showing the problem. There is NO indicator on screen where I am in relation to the 'bot. In this particular instance, I was AHEAD of Coco, but the animation appeared to suggest that I was behind. Adding power and accelerating to catch up to the 'bot would have immediately dropped me from the group dynamic, as well as resetting my drops multiplier! The animation should place the 'bot avatar behind the rider’s avatar when the rider is in front. Problem solved.

Here’s what it should look like:

The graphics mods are sloppy, but I hope you get the idea!


The magic of VR - others NOT riding with the Pace Partner do NOT need to see the fence! Think of a similar circumstance: when you are doing a workout interval, and approaching the end of one segment, an arch marks the end. Other riders do NOT see the arch, which only applies to your workout target. The same “selective sight” could apply to Pace Partners. In fact, other riders should be able to elect not to even SEE those riding with the pace partners (or the PPs themselves)! Surely you’ve been on group rides where the attribute “see only event riders” applies. In fact, these sorts of parameters should make processing and rendering of the VR environment simpler, and would eliminate the common complaint of many, as well as removing the “game physics” of group interactions (drafting etc.) with riders who are not riding with the 'bots.

Problem with Pace partner drops bonus.

I ride 35 mn with Pace partner and my drop pass from 305’000 to 330’000 :slight_smile:

But when i Leave the Pace partner… the drop counter write Only 316,000 !!! :frowning:

I loose all the benefit of multiplicator Pace partner !

Whats wrong!?