Overscan adjustment for AppleTV and Mac app

My TV cuts off the outside edge of my Zwift screen, preventing me from seeing any important details in the perimeter.   Neither my TV nor the AppleTV (or laptop output) has the overscan setting to shrink the screen contents slightly to avoid cropping.  Please consider adding a simple setting for the zwift screen contents to be shrunk (black border added) so that it fits on a system with poor overscan adjustment. 

That’s not a simple setting…  I don’t have a problem with it on my TV.  Maybe time to upgrade…

What makes you think it’s not simple?  Do you have OpenGL or other 3D graphics experience?  I do… changing the size of a rendered 3D window is literally one line of code.  

Adding a UI widget in the settings screen to enable/disable the overscan is likely also very straightforward, assuming the Zwift team has done a good job with writing extensible code, which I’m sure they have based on the quality of their software in general.

Yes I do and currently developing Apps for the Apple TV.  

But why should Zwift be responsible for adapting their code to account for your outdated kit?

I have a brand new 4th Gen AppleTV… it’s not outdated.  The TV is a 1080P LCD… also not what most would consider outdated when it comes to TVs.

Would it be nice if tvOS provided this as a global setting? Sure.  But for an app which is trying to take advantage of every last piece of border real-estate for displaying information, it behooves Zwift to consider implementing features like this which make the user-experience better for everyone with relatively low cost to the development/test team and zero cost to other users.


Like I said, it works fine on my AppleT V 4K and 4K Uktra HD TV. Interestingly also works fine on my 1080P TV. 

Having the same problem on my TV, which is only 3-4 years old. 

I’ve switched back to iOS via HDMI which doesn’t;t have this problem.


I am having same issue.  Apple TV 4k and 1080 TV…The country people are from gets cut off on the right hand side. Not the end of the world but would be nice to be able to see.

I have the same issue, its fine with iPhone 7 and iPad Pro via HDMI to same TV, however Apple TV 4K’s overscan cuts off the perimeter of the content. I don’t think this is a Zwift issue, but rather Apple TV. If I go to the ATV settings for overscan, it displays a calibration picture and expects you to use TV controls to adjust, but mine are at max already, I can only crop more of the picture. I can see that the edges of the “Fullscreen” box around the outermost edge of the calibration screen on ATV are partially off screen.

Running an older Sony 60" 1080p@60Hz

I should clarify, by “fine” for iPhone 7 and iPad Pro via HDMI they actually UNDERSCAN very slightly with a small black border around the edge (iPad is not widescreen so there is also letterbox with this). The Apple TV however has a slight OVERSCAN resulting cropped edges appearing off screen.