Apple 4k TV Screen Size (cutting off flags)

(Mark Winney) #1

Im guessing this has been asked before, whilst using a monitor, you are able to size up the viewing picture so not as to have anything cut off around the edges. Now there are a lot of new TV’s that you are not able to do this with. My Toshiba being one of them. Tho prob an Apple 4k issue, would be nice to be able to size up the picture with Zwift.

(the lán bào - 蓝豹) #2

You need to adjust the picture in the settings of your TV.

(Mark Winney) #3

As I said in my original post, not all TV’s allow you to do this. Other apps on Apple TV fit the TV screen perfectly, not so with Zwift… therefore I would think  it was a problem with the Zwift app.

Thanks for your reply tho…


(the lán bào - 蓝豹) #4

If you hold down the volume down and menu keys on the appTV remote for about five seconds it the device will cycle through all different output resolutions/cycles. I think it lasted 10-15 seconds per setting. When the correct setting for your tv is displayed you press ok or enter (top of remote). That will set the resolution. I found this yesterday because I entered a setting that displayed a black screen and I mistakenly hit “ok” This is a appleTV feature i found on their web site. You can try that and see if it works for you.

(Mark Winney) #5

Thank you again for replying

I gave it a go, indeed it did see a different setting, and updated resolution. Unfortunately I still have half the flags chopped off.

A good find of yours to a hidden setting. Definitely worthy of a try.

(Ian Peters) #6

I’m having the same issue. I wonder if it has something to do with the fact im using a DVI interface on the monitor and a converter from the HDMI output of the Apple TV. The resolution is set right though in the apple tv and none of the other options make it better. It is so large that the exit and save buttons are off screen and cant be selected with the remote. 

(Greg Raven) #7

I just switched to a Sanyo TV and the bottom and right edges of the Zwift display are just off the edges of the screen. Different settings on the TV and on the Apple TV 4K don’t improve the situation. Other source materials don’t show this issue.

(Jevon Buirski) #8

Try changing the screen format/Wide Modes of the TV.

(Greg Raven) #9

I haven’t tried changing it, but I did check to see that it was set to normal. As I pointed out, this is unique to Zwift, so changing the TV is not an optimal solution.

(Mark Winney) #10

It is frustrating for suggestions to say adjust the screen size (no doubt with best intentions). The Zwift app for Apple TV is the problem, running Zwift through same TV from MacBook have no problems at all with screen size. The issue is with the Zwift app.