Outage or loss of signal? Tacx Neo Bike

I’ve been using the Zwift + Tacx Neo Bike + Ipad combo for a long time. No problems until this weekend. What happened: While riding, the signal from the trainer seemed to drop out. Even though the display on the Tacx was showing both wattage and RPM, the Zwift started showing a split second drop in both wattage and RPM to zero after a while. After a fraction of a second, everything returned to normal. If it happened once, it didn’t matter, but this dropout repeated about every 10 seconds. I tried turning everything off, including all the bluetooth devices nearby and doing a new test. The situation repeats itself every time I start it up.
I know this is probably more of a problem on the Tacx side, but I believe there is a strong community here and maybe someone has already encountered this problem.
I will be grateful for any advice.

Hi Marek,

Are you running any other workout apps in the background of your iPad, like the Tacx Training App or Companion app on your iPad? This could be creating disconnections in Zwift. To force close workout apps on your iPad, please view Apple’s Close an app on your iPad guide.

If those steps don’t work, check out our BLE and ANT+ Interference Troubleshooting Tips.