Out of the Saddle

(Craig Pate) #1

After my first lap this morning, I noticed my avatar never got out of the saddle while climbing. The first lap it did however. I put in some big efforts riding next to others that were all out of the saddle. I recall being out of the saddle even at much lower power numbers in all my previous rides. But today much higher effort and nothing. Any ideas?

(Simon Oxenham [VC10]) #2

I think it’s cadence rather than power that determines when you’re out of the saddle

(Craig Pate) #3

I’ll try that next time and report back. Thanks.

(Stewart G teamWBR) #4

I think when you drop below 70rpm on climbs it gets out of the saddle and when you go over 5w/kg your image sprints out the saddle.

(Simon Oxenham [VC10]) #5

Thanks Stewart, that would make sense

(Craig Pate) #6

OK…I browsed through some screen shots and there must be a defined grade to qualify it as a climb. At 1.8% and under 70 rpm, I’m seated. But two others at 3.4% and 4.4% also under 70 rpm, I’m off the saddle. So maybe climbs are defined at 3%. All other climbs even over 5%, I’m over 70 rpm and I’m seated. So Stewart has nailed it I think. Thanks.

(Christopher Pallotta) #7

Not sure about this, but the way it seems to work for me is that when I quickly and substantially increase power, the avatar gets out of the saddle. That’s in addition to the climbing effect others have mentioned.

(Craig Pate) #8

I just did some testing…out of the saddle occurs when you hit a minimum 3.0% grade or higher and have a less than 70 cadence. I also think the 5kg/watt sprinting is correct. My power jumped abruptly so I’m not certain its exactly at 5 but likely. Thanks for all the feedback.