Seated or out of saddle for certain workouts?

n00b question here but for workouts like McCarthy Special is it meant to be done completely seated or is it OK to get out of saddle for those last gnarly intervals. I know for FTP tests (and I imagine 2x20 FTP and other SST rides you should be mainly seated) but wondering on gnarly a$$ kickers like McCarthy are you supposed to stay seated or can you hop up to grind it out?

It’s entirely personal choice. We are all different and there’s no stock answer to climbing technique.

Look at the pros. Froome stays seated and spins a really high cadence.
Contador used to be out the saddle rocking his bike violently.

Neither technique I’m sure would be classed as ideal but they worked for the individuals.

Do what feels right to you and perhaps repeat the workout experimenting and see which one feels the best.
Try doing a KOM in free ride mode, one seated and one out the saddle and compare times.

Ride On!

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haven’t got round to trying that workout yet but it’s on the hit-list.
3min @ 125% FTP - I’d probably be out of the saddle for parts of that :sweat_smile:

“the wringer” is a good “out the saddle” workout ;D

Did it yesterday and stayed in saddle for all but one of the last segments. The workout is deceptively brutal. Much harder than 2x20 or SST med but shorter. You will be yelling a lot