Other Time Trial / Triathlon bikes on Zwift games

(Morten Tillquist | DKZR | #) #1

I think there are many road bikes to choose from when you reach level 20-22

But there is still only one time trial / triathlon bike. I have already made a Canyon Speedmax 2016, so why not release it

Not only to add one or more bicycle 2 in the category.

Just as it would be cool with a Zipp and Marvic disc wheels, it must be on a TT bike.


(Morten Tillquist | DKZR | #) #2

Dreams bikes category could be:

  • Trek Speed Concept
  • Cervelo P5
  • BMC TM01
  • Pinarello IL Bolide

(Paul Allen) #3

Don’t forget the Felt IA FRD (or any Felt Tri bike)

(Patrick Klippert) #4

And the Specialized Shiv (TT and/or Tri version) :wink::+1:t3:

(Susan Ford (Forditude Racing)) #5

Speed Concept



(Mark Burrows) #6

well, bearing in mind the Shiv and “Pinarello_TT” frames are already in the “zwift/assets/bikes/frames” branch, I think one or two could be open for unlocking at some point :wink:

(Patrick Klippert) #7

Great info, Mark - Thanks! :grinning::+1:t3:

(Morten Tillquist | DKZR | #) #8

Hi Mark

What is the time horizon for new time trials bike!

(PaulOYB Esson [BRT]) #9

Agree totally, we had the P5 for the challenge recently, it should be available from level 22/24 ish? assuming it is programmed to be more aero than the Zwift TT! (which is currently not as fast as the Tron bike?!).