The ability to select time trial bikes for TT races or events

Can we get the ability to select the time trial bikes that have been purchased from the drops list for TT races or events. It seems to be a bit antiquated that after the drops were added we can still only choose the Zwift TT bike for time trials

Add vote. Similar to my topic where I wasn’t happy that I couldn’t use my Cervelo P5 in the Zipp TT last weekend. Haven’t been able to use this bike that I paid for in a TT event yet.


I must apologize Nigel. I did not see your post until I had written mine. Zwift support suggested that I put this in the forums to aid in the process of getting this feature added on Zwift. BTW I could not choose my P5 either.

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I haven’t spent my drops on anything except the Zipp 808/Disc because Zwift hasn’t proven that its worth spending them, yet. If they fix the TT bike rules, that might change.

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