Other riders don’t display when two riders in the same house riding at the same time.

My wife and I have two Strava accounts, two Wahoo Kickr Snap trainers and are using two iPads. When we try to ride together, the second rider to log into the Strava app cannot see any other riders and is not visible to the first rider or anyone else.

Anyone else run into this?

I’m having a similar problem.  People I am following are not showing up

Strava questions belong at a Strava forum(?).

Once you see that you are not alone with the issue, that is, you think two users cannot connect on the same Wi-Fi network in Zwift, you need to submit a ticket that explains exactly how to recreate the issue, listing hardware and all steps taken. Maybe include log files if you think they matter.

Hopefully, you can get it figured out or fixed if it is a bug.

Good luck!

Sorry, I meant Zwift NOT Strava.  The issue is with Zwift.  

Hi Jonathan,

Is one person getting into the world before the other? One of you will need to already be dropped in to the world before the second person gets to their start screen. 

If you’re still finding issues, please submit a ticket and we can investigate.