Never see other riders and my PRs don't save to next session

So confused, I never see other riders and my sprints / climbs are recorded but they never carry over to my next session.  All my rides are in My History and I have no problems exporting to Strava.  My wi-fi is good and I have even tried removing my firewall, but I’m still riding alone.  Any ideas?  Is there a setting like ride alone and don’t save that I might have accidentally hit?

Hi Jeff,

I hate to say it, but this clearly looks like a network issue - for some reason your computer is not properly communicating with our servers. Please submit a support ticket with the following:

  • log.txt files from Documents\Zwift\Logs
  • Name/make of your router

Also, make sure you’re not using any proxy servers or VPN software while riding on Zwift as well.


I have the exact same problem using Zwift with my PC. I never see riders when I ride, neither in spectator mode. 

I have a realaxiom WIRED (with USB) that is only recognised on PC Zwift version as of today

I downloaded zwift on my mac anyhow, the Realaxiom is not recognized so I can’t use it but when I connect as spectator only, I can see all riders ! 


I’d be glad to get some help on the topic. Thanks

Olivier it turned out to be some security setting on my router.  I had Comcast Cable create a secondary wi-fi account on my router and when they created it using the default settings everything worked.  Actually it’s probably not the same thing cause before my fix I couldn’t even watch other riders.  I would just see the stream and hear crickets. Good luck!

I’ve never had the problem using my MacBook but since switching to iOS/iPad I also don’t see anyone out on the circuits. Also no data is retained.