trouble with Strava connectivity with 2 accounts on 1 PC

Me and my girlfriend are both using Zwift on 1 PC wit separate accounts, which is causing some connectivity problems with Strava. For example: My Zwift account was already connected with Strava. My Girlfriend created a Zwift account, using her credentials and used the connect to Strava button (and accepted the external posting for Strava). After riding her workout her Strava upload showed up in my Strava account…

Now when I ride a workout my data isn’t showing up on neither my or my girlfriends account…


This does sound like a bug/short-sightedness with the authentication system.

Why don’t you use separate Windows logons, at least for the purpose of using Zwift, that would no doubt resolve it.

Hi Jasper - more than likely you were still logged into Strava when your girlfriend connected Strava to her Zwift account. This would result in her Zwift account being connected to your Strava account.

This could happen if the browser was closed without logging out first as there is a cookie that remembers the last login credentials.

Have your girlfriend try these steps to fix it:

  1. On your Zwift computer, log into her Strava account
  2. Using the same browser, log into her dashboard on and navigate to Settings > Connections
  3. Disconnect her Strava account
  4. Reconnect her Strava account

This time when she authorizes Strava it will connect her Strava account to her Zwift account. Hopefully this will straighten everything out :slight_smile:

Ride On.