strava issues

(Deana Amen) #1

my husband and I are both on the trail use of zwift. However, when I finish my rides and save them, it registers my rides on his strava? suggestions?

(Deana Amen) #2

just for clarification, it shows my avatar on the rides. when I save my garmin it shows them on my garmin connect and strava. But zwift saves them as my husband???

(Scott) #3

Hi Deana - more than likely your husband was still logged into Strava when you connected Strava to your Zwift account. This would result in your Zwift account being connected to his Strava account.

This could happen if the browser was closed without logging out first as there is a cookie that remembers the last login credentials.

Try these steps to fix it:

  1. On your Zwift computer, log into your Strava account
  2. Using the same browser, log into your dashboard on and navigate to Settings > Connections
  3. Disconnect your Strava account
  4. Reconnect your Strava account

This time when you authorize Strava it will connect your Strava account to your Zwift account. Hopefully this will straighten everything out :slight_smile:

Ride On.


(Deana Amen) #4

Thanks I will give it a try.