upload the ride to strava



My friend and I are riding Zwift and are followers from each other.

When we finish a ride and we upload it to Strava, my friends ride stays on my Strava and my ride is on the Strava of my friend. 

How can that and could we solve this problem?


Also another question : the real time in Belgium, could we this adjust to the real time we ride?

Thanks for your answer.

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Annick Vanden Eynde

Sounds like you have your Zwift accounts linked to the wrong Strava accounts, had something similar recently when setting things up for my wife, if you’re already logged into Strava when you connect Zwift to Strava it automatically adds whatever account you’re logged into Strava with, it doesn’t give you a choice.

Try this, open an Incognito tab in your Chrome browser or InPrivate browser in Internet Explorer or whatever equivalent there is for your browser of choice.  Log into 1 of the Zwift accounts and go to Settings > Connections and click the Disconnect option for Strava and then refresh the page.  Now click the Connect option for Strava and you should be presented with a login prompt for Strava, enter the login details that match the Zwift user you are currently logged in as.  Close the Incognito/InPrivate browsing window then open a new one and repeat the process for the other account.

For the time issue, you need to check what timezone you have set in your Strava account settings, again I had this issue with my wife’s account, Strava was set to somewhere in the US rather than the UK.

Hope that helps :slight_smile: