Zwift connected to old Strava account

Hi, I’m an occasional zwift user. I mistakenly connected my zwift ac to an old strava account. I have now deleted the old strava, but I can’t find a way to get Zwift to connect to my new strava account.

I can disconnect zwift from Strava in my settings, but when I then go to reconnect to strava, it doesn’t ask me fro any Strava account details. So I can only assume it is connecting to my old strava ac (which of course doesn’t exist any more).

Any suggestions appreciated!

You could try using a browser that does not that those credentials saved or try incognito mode.

When you go to reconnect your new Strava account, make sure you’re fully logged out of your old Strava account and logged into the new one. If after you login to the new Strava account it still doesn’t ask for account credentials, it’s probably because its automatically connecting the new account.