two users at once

My wife and I have each a wahoo kicker, my is the only one connected to Zwift , She want to connect on with me, same time on  the same course . Is they a way without buying any other hardware?

Each person will need their own device to run Zwift. For now, that means two computers, but we hope to officially release Zwift for iOSin time for Christmas.

Take a look at this How To on

Me and my wife are currently having problems training together so I wouldn’t invest in any more hardware.  We both have separate accounts, separate pc’s and turbo trainers.  In the past Jan 17 - Jun 17, we trained together.  We entered the same events and rode together often.  Since June this has been impossible.  It will normally enter my wife into the event but I’ll be riding on my own.  Not only will it not put me into the event but it will also just have me on the circuit.  My laptop screen will show no other riders even if (from watching my wifes screen) I can tell that I’m right behind a large group.  The rider list on the righthand side of the screen is always empty.  I’m waiting for a response from Zwift.