Other riders disappeared

Today around 19-20 minutes into my ride (strava shows a short drop in data around 19:26) all riders disappeared for about 5-10 seconds, my ant+ data stopped showing on screen as well. Unfortunately I don’t have a screenshot to present this but maybe someone can check some logs server side? Once everything re-appeared all seemed well and the ant+ data started showing up again. I don’t think I lost any data aside from the few seconds strava says dropped out.

Hi Allan,

did you find any resolution for your error sofar, we’re now more then a year further.

I seem to have a similar issue, so wondering what i took you to resolve.

I work with a windows 7 sp1 computer.

When using the ANT+ dongle the trainer and hr strap are connecting fine. I ride mostly group/race events, even before the start the riders dissappear and come back, this will repeat during the event aswell. 

When switching over to the mobile app and bluetooth the data is there and rider are not dissappearing.

Note: In case the mobile switches from wifi to 4g i’m loosing the sensors and obviously i’m loosing ground quickly as no cadence/power data is transmitted. This is every now and then happening and therefor i’m looking to have everything via ANT+. This seems to me to have the least of time lag when the course is changing gradient or when drafting in a group.

Greetings, Meint