Issue with everyone disappearing on a group ride

Hello. I took part in the DIRT long ride 2 HOUR session today on Zwift. There were about 270 riders. Everything was OK for the first few minutes then all the other riders disappeared - for about five minutes. I then found myself over a minute back and caught the pack again. This happened at least another five times during the ride - each time when everyone came back I was 1-3 behind where I should have been. And finally, the ride did not save in Zwift at the end. I uploaded the .fit file to Strava and can see I made a big effort. Are there any fixes to this bug?

Those problem are usually due to bad internet connection.

What is the setup you are using for Zwift, as well as the route you were on at the time.

Sorry. I’m using an Elite Drivo trainer and running Zwift on an IPad 2. I had no issues for months until about 4 weeks ago.
We rebooted all our internet and will see if this improves things.