Organisers - please put race distance in title

It would be really helpful to know the race distance in the event title. 3x Laps etc of a given route is of course necessary, but one has to look it up to know how far (and how much time) one has for an event.

Use Events it’s a great help for race overviews.

Yeah, but as with ZwiftPower, it shouldn’t be down to thirdparty sites to do Zwift’s job for them. :stuck_out_tongue: Especially for something so trivial as event distances in titles.


Is this really “Zwift’s job”? Why isn’t the event organizer responsible? They are the ones who name/title the event. And what about events based on time like chill rides or workouts where distance is irrelevant.

A good example would be 3R who have excellent event names.

Contacting the event organizer(s) w/a suggestion to improve naming convention is likely to be the far more effective solution.

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While I don’t disagree with you that event organizers could take the lead on this, and that distances clearly don’t matter for timed events, I also think that Zwift should be able to add this pretty easily since they know the distance of the ride/race route (plus any applicable lead-in) and the number of laps. I think it would be great to know if 2 laps means 8 miles (Volcano Circuit plus Lead In) or 111 miles (Four Horsemen) while scrolling through the event list instead of having to check the details to find the route and then go somewhere else to check the length of a lap. It just seems like one of the many things users are requesting that should be pretty easy for Zwift to do.


It’s more Zwift’s job than third party sites, yes. Great if event authors can put the distance in, but it’s quite probably no more obvious to them than it is to anyone else. If I say I want to put on a race that’s 4 laps of the “Hilly Route”, I don’t actually know how far that is. Of course I can go and look it up, and clearly the Race3R organisers have done that.

But Zwift can automate that, and easily include any lead-in distance that might also be non-obvious.

They’re not races, so are outside of the scope of the request.


Maybe the tools provided to event organizers allow them to see/know the distance :man_shrugging: Even if the event organizer has to do a bit of extra work, is it really that inconvenient. I find it analogous to your local crit or local 5km. The city/municipal provides the roads. The event organizer has to get the permits, measure the distance, publicize the event, set the times, etc… Sure, Zwift could probably script something up if they wanted, but that does not mean they should have to do so. An event organizer whether real or virtual needs to take responsibility for the quality of the event which in the context of this thread means including the race distance in the title.

Event organizers already do a lot of work to get these events going, sending emails back and forth setting up ride descriptions checking that the info look right and it is not still the old details. O and people don’t even read the ride descriptions.

I also think that it is additional work for Zwift to script something, altho it is a one time effort it may be worth it.

Now my solution: Like a Real life race you have different route distances and different routes. With lots of then you need to print and know your own route. So there is a certain amount of planning you have to do, the same goes with Zwift, just open another website and find the route details.

Jesper made it super easy:

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Maybe it is, else more would do it I expect. Either way, it’d be even more convenient to have Zwift do it.

Stop being such an apologist for their shoddy support. :stuck_out_tongue:

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This has now been added to events shown in the companion app alongside a visual map.

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If you touch the route map, it’ll change to lap total vs race/event total:

And as you can see, it looks like there still might be some minor issues to sort out (i.e.,“Route map not available”)



See, told you it’d be a piece of piss for them. :smiley:


Excellent! :grin:

Have they fixed the bug yet to show the true actual distance remaining?

The companion app distance total does not include the lead-in.

Companion App:


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How do I contact a race organiser?
By email? On a forum? On Zwift/Companion?

There’s no universal way, and some of them are hard to contact, but usually community events are put on by clubs that have a Discord server, Facebook group, or email address. If you care to mention which event you’re referring to, someone may be able to point you in the right direction. If you search for a matching club in the Companion app’s Clubs feature, you may be able to find the club admins or Discord server associated with it.

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Thanks for that. It’s not that important in this instance (I was confused about the course description of a race vs the online description of the course itself. It’s done now, but if any themes or problems crop up, I know how to try and get in touch.