Zwift Events Drives Me Nuts!

I’m in Zwift Events this morning (8:00 am) looking at events late afternoon or early evening to decide if I want to join one or just ride a route or something random.

I click on an events and see that it’s “6 laps.” Six laps of what? Six laps of the 2.5-mile Volcano Circuit or six laps of the 8.5-mile Volcano Circuit? This particular event gives almost no details. It would be helpful if all events had distance and route as requirements to be displayed. It would be so much easier to decide if I want to do an event if I actually knew what the event entailed.

Even more annoying … when I scroll waaay down to see events at 5:00 or 6:00 and click on one to see what it’s all about, then click on “Back” or “View All” I am taken all the way back to the top of the Events list. It would be nice to be taken back to where I was when I clicked on the event. Alternatively, why can’t I right-click on an event and have it open in a new tab? That way I could open two or three different events and spend more time comparing them.

agreed companion is poor you are better off using Events or zwiftpower.

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