Option to use real world rides for Zwift xp

(Dennis TT) #1


your nice guy/girl on Facebook advised me to write up a suggestion based on my issue which is, that I ride up to 20.000km per year due to my job as bike messenger. Having to ride every day, every weather - leaves me with barely any motivation to ride again after work. Might it be a real ride or a virtual ride on Zwift.

Therefore I asked if my 20.000km per year (for 6 years now) can somehow be used for Zwift XP as I am struggling with the xp-wall to unlock the Alpe du Zwift.
I understand that some consider Zwift more a game with valid unlocks, while others consider it a training tool where unlocking stuff should not be hidden behind a XP-wall.

I logged a single year of mine at work and accumulated close to 20.000km and almost 1000h of riding. Gotta say, that I missed to log 2 weeks from january - quite sad.


Maybe it can work a bit different, without a full conversion into Zwift km - but limited to weeks with 300km or more. Maybe some milestones like 150km rides or more.
Maybe strava rides flagged as races, too.


(Daren) #2

I do over 5000km just commuting to work and back (12km each way), but I don’t think it should count towards Zwift at all. It makes no sense to use real world riding for XP in a game.

And even if it did, it should be the same for everyone, however much they ride. Not restricted to people who put in a lot of miles.

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(Nigel ) #3

No vote from me. If you want XP points on Zwift then you need to ride Zwift. As I recall unlocking Alpe du Zwift is level 12. That’s not really that many km’s to achieve.

I think you would get zero support from Zwift for this suggestion. They want you on their platform earning XP points not riding outside.