Option to report riders for doping/sandbagging

Not sure why there isn’t an option to report racers for weight doping and/or sandbagging. Looking at a race coming up tonight, there is someone listed at 183 cm and 52 kg, who also seems to regular change his weight from 59 to 52 on a regular basis. To put that weight in perspective, even world tour small climber types aren’t that lean - Simon Yates is 172cm and 59 kg. So this guy is 10 cm shorter and 7 kilos lighter than one of the lighter weight riders in the pro peloton?
There needs to be something built into zwiftpower that flags clearly BS weight figures, especially when people change their weights by 7 kg every few days.
If not built in, then there should be an option to report or flag riders for this BS. The comments are disabled for races on zwiftpower so there’s not really the option to call people out on there anymore.

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Hello @PeteCampbell-AYP, see this form in the thread below to report suspicious behavior.

Also, I believe there are new flagging options in the companion app now, and the person doesn’t need to be riding to flag them.


Thank you very much for the share.