Optimisation for AppleTV? Is it eternally stuck on the basic graphics profile?

When I bought a 3rd gen Apple TV 4K device last year I remember reading somewhere that Zwift was working on optimisation for the Apple 4K TV. No word since. Can we get confirmation that this is still something that the Zwift development team has its eyes on?

Keep in mind that optimizing the graphics does not equate to making them appear any more detailed to the user.

This dead horse has well and truly been flogged.
It clearly aint happeing, otherwise it would of by now.

Some more discussion on this topic:

It might well be that the higher resolution textures (which is what I think people want) might push the capabilities of Apple TV too much. We also have new worlds.

The latest generation has up to 128GB in the top version which should be able to cope with slightly higher resolution graphics.

Clearly getting more frustrated versus the last topic you flogged. :wink:

I gave up. Went to buy a good second hand gaming PC, now running in Ultra Profile and 60 FPS. The Facebook Group ZPCMR - Zwift PC Masters & Riders helped me immensely with getting the right spec PC for the right price. Really worth the effort. Now I can use my Apple TV for what it was intended for - streaming Movies and TV programs…


When you have used a machine that gives the top Zwift graphics profile then Apple TV is a poor second seeing the blurry textures and low detail.

This issue along with many others is why I went to mywoosh and IV. This was the big one for me though.

I am not paying this price for a program that ignores its largest user base. I have all the computer toys as I was a crypto miner. I have systems with 5 3080s, threadripper, 5950s… all the toys, and I chose to use either an Apple TV or my m1 Mac mini. Why? Because most of my PCs have connection issues unless I have a bluetooth dongle run right next to me and the trainer. The Apple products just work without droops and other issues from across the room and behind the TV.

The fact is the simplest, most reliable and cheapest way to zwift is an Apple product and zwift has given us the middle finger for years now. So I no longer support them and after these price hikes never will again.