Apple TV Graphics

I understand that most Zwifters make use of an Apple TV to run Zwift as it is quite cheap and performs relatively well. Apple has updated the Apple TV a few times over the past years and the latest generation (Gen 3) Apple TV 4K has an A15 Bionic SoC, with much improved graphics capabilities. My suggestion is that the Zwift dev team scales the graphics of Zwift to make better use of the capabilities of this chip (and even the previous generation which had an A12 Bionic SoC.

most Zwifters make use of an Apple TV to run Zwift

Is this true? I’ve never seen any stats.


I wouldn’t say most but there is a certainly a large proportion as it works pretty well for most that don’t care so much about graphics.

One reason might be significantly growing the storage requirements of the application. Not saying they won’t or shouldn’t do it, but on my system Zwift is over 4GB with all the assets. An Apple TV HD has 32GB of storage.

The community has been begging for a graphics upgrade on ATV for donkies…Zwift just not showing any hint of it though :unamused:

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