Once again: Misuro + with Elite Qubo floid power and 1200 watt


today my new Elite Qubo Floid Power with the Misuro adapter arrived. The connection ended up succeeding and I´ve tride ZWIFT for the first time. I´d tried the setting “fluid red roller” and the zwift gives me continuous 1200 watt… I compared the Data from My-Training app which gives my realistic watts. Just after this test I ride with the unspecific Classic trainer for about an hour and ZWIFT gives me continuous 400 watt… T

The setting is at five blinks, I use the bluetooth connection with a Iphone 6 and my windows laptop. The distance of the sensor an my iphone is round about one meter.


Hope you can help me fixing it.

The Misuro B+ should be paired under Power for the Qubo Power Fluid, not Speed. Try that, and it should solve the issue.