OK, How do I turn off the damn squirrel?

I mean, the little dude is annoying!

I fully support this suggestion.

Remember the paper clip in windows and how well that went over?



It was only there for the first few times, can be help full for all the new people. It is not that bad.


 I just had to search for the Paper clip some funny ones out there!

Scottie leaves after the first time you run Zwift. That’s how you turn it off :slight_smile:

Have logged in four times…at least…it is still there…

Me too.  So I guess this is a bug report, then.

yeah, the damn squirrel is there every time I launch the app in view mode.

You have to go all the way through the tutorial, I had same issue, thought it was annoying, I finally gave a rider a “Ride On”, then the next few steps, and it was gone.