Disable Streak Screen

How do I disable this new gamification screen? It was absurd that my streak started when it started when I have been riding 3+ years and race every week.

I think it needs to have the user option to disable it to not waste my time when trying to end a ride. Please tell me that I can.

At the minute you can’t
However it may be that they create an option to disable it in the future if it’s a popular request.

I’m not entirely sure a click of a button is a waste of time though or mission critical enough for it to happen anytime immediately.

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I think there’s multiple user types on Zwift, and I think some of us would like to have less “atta girls” and less gamification. If that was able to be toggled, it would be truly appreciated by many of us.


agree. i don’t mind that it’s there, just lemme skip it and quit out asap. 10 seconds or whatever feels like 10 years when you just wanna be done with something.


Maybe if you could exit the whole game straight from there i’d prefer it!

have to buttons “Return Home” and “Exit Game”

Although having these from the save screen in game would be my much preferred option

It feels like the irritating cookie request on al the sites. Or the user agreement when using software for the first time.

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Fully agree, this not being at least skippable is such a waste of time

It is skippable - in Companion App.

You still have to wait for the confetti to fall, the screen to be drawn with the details filled in, and then saving. It would be better as a tiny bit of info on the end of ride report rather than extra time and clicks.


I personally have no problem with waiting 15 seconds (more or less) and one or two more clicks after 1-2 hours training.
My time for training is limited, too - but IMHO these discussions about seconds and clicks are exaggerated.


I am afraid I was misunderstood.

Its not that I am concerned about seconds, but that it wastes it with useless gamified information that I am a captive audience for.

It makes me read it as it loads. Its hokey, and has no reason for any rider that puts 3k miles a year on Zwift.

So how does one turn it off, or opt it out?


You don’t. There’s no option to turn it off.

i have the time for it, but disliking any amount of time where you can’t do anything but wait for something is probably something everyone can relate to

and it’s about where it comes in the ride too. you were riding for 2 hours, you’re done, now you wanna go get a shower and do anything else. maybe it was just scientifically engineered to annoy only impatient people like me personally and nobody else, but it sure does


A Skip button is coming.


very much appreciated

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I appreciate your support. It makes me happy to be engaged with Zwift!

Can we call it the Despondent Bypass Switch? :slight_smile:

I guess I didn’t read this entire thread and I spent 10 min in the ZCA menus trying to find the tab to “skip” or “turn off”.

It’s not there (yet).

It seems it would have been quicker to just read it and click “continue”. :rofl:

How about an option in settings to disable it completely?


I agree. It is annoying and I want rid of it. When I finish a ride I need to get on with my day as soon as possible. The ‘streak’ information is not important to me at all.


Skip button is unacceptable - allow users to disable it completely. So annoying to have multiple clicks. ANNOYING.