Odd speed behaviour in Zwift race

Has anyone experienced strange speed behaviour in races recently?

I’m a regular upper end B rider and have done a few hundred races. Today I took part in a couple of races, one exclusive B race and another which was a mixed start with all cats.

I abandoned the first race after a few km as it felt like I was really struggling with the speed in the main group. It was as if I was getting power drop outs but my power seemed to be fine. At one point I was getting spat out despite pushing over 7w/kg. I’ve never experienced anything like this before so restarted Zwift and entered the second race but had a similar issue after about 20km. There didn’t seem to be an issue with auto braking, just a bit of a disconnect between my relative speed to the group for the given power. I’m a light rider at 62kg and both races were flat but it just seemed very different to my previous experiences.

May be just me but it did seem rather strange and wonder if anyone has any thoughts?



I see you quit an Evo CC race today according to https://www.zwiftracing.app :wink:

Evo CC are running the newish beta PD4.1, only a very limited number of organisers are running it at the moment.

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Thanks Steve, yes. Never quit a race before :confounded:

Will have a read around about PD4.1…