Obnoxious JOIN EVENT pop-ups

Join Event? Join Event! Event is starting soon! Join Event! JOIN EVENT!!!

Can we get an option to disable these? A “Don’t show me this again” checkbox (like the one for the Hide UI pop-up) would do the trick. Between Companion and the in-game pop-ups, it’s obnoxious and interferes with my warm-up. Especially the one that comes up ~5:00 before the event where you have to click No Thanks or it joins the event automatically. The countdown timer and “Join Event” button in the bottom left corner of the screen is enough.

Gets my vote.

I’ve ranted about this in the past. I feel like there’s an existing Feature Request to make them less annoying, but I couldn’t find it.

Protip for you folks: don’t sign up to the wrong event from the new home screen. :rofl:

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I don’t mind the “Join Event” button at the lower left of the computer screen. And the single automatic join event pop-up isn’t so bad.

But yes, please, give us a way to stop the multiple pop-ups on the companion app screen.

(It used to be that if you clicked the [X] on that companion app pop-up it would go away and not come back. That changed some years ago.)

I just got booted from a Giant Gravel Crushers race 300m before the finish… got a pop-up for the next event and I didn’t have my mouse nearby and couldn’t click “No Thanks” before the timer ran out. I was only there to unlock the hat, now I have to do the whole thing again. This really should be disabled if you’re already in an event.


Today I got half an hour of join-event alerts in Companion because I joined the Kask ride and ended it because the leader wasn’t present, deciding to free ride instead. It would be excellent to have a button to opt out of all future alerts for an event (and to have no default action that stops you from what you’re currently doing).

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