Pop up Join Event


I have joined several events but sudendly, In the app it shows the event is starting, but the pop up described in “Starting and Event” never appears
I’ve tried the sugestion of getting out of the event at companion and rejoin again, it seams that for somebody this work, the pop up join event apears, but not for me!
Somebody can help me, please?

You have to start a ride before the pop-up appears. It doesn’t appear in the main menu.


This has been ongoing for some time, I too suffer with this.
The solution you suggest always works for me, leave and then join event in companion app.

Hopefully this will be fixed one day.

I’ve already tried this, but still not working! I will try again today.

Stuart via Zwift Forums <gozwift@discoursemail.com> escreveu em sáb., 20/02/2021 às 00:51 :