Nvidia Problem

(Alex Berbert WBR [D]) #1


I have an i5 with 8GB RAM and an Nvidia GTX 750 with 2GB of Ram, but not
runs zwift.

At the time of loading of zwiftapp.exe, the screen turns red (black or green sometimes) and the system is locked for a while until the display of the following message

“The display driver stopped responding and has recovered”

But in other games that use all the features of the Nvidia card no problem

PowerMizer already deactivated, deactivated TDR (TdrLevel 0), updated the Driver, follow all of the following:


Any help will be appreciated


(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

Hi Alex,

I created a ticket for you so we can better track the issue. We’ll get this sorted!

(Tom Lawton) #3

I’m also having this issue, with an AMD card (4850). I’ve opened a ticket with logs (actually, two - there wasn’t a confirmation displayed when I submitted!)

(Thorsteinn Hjaltason) #4

I am also having this problem amd display

(Iman Santoso ZID) #5

Has this problem been sorted out? …because I have exactly the same problem with my new computer today.

Please help me  

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #6

Hi Iman,

We have not had this problem reported since, honestly. If you are having issues with Zwift and your video card, I highly recommend you submit a support ticket and include your latest log files and computerspecs files.


(Iman Santoso ZID) #7

I already submitted ticket #(32469) 2 days ago. and I am still waiting for the solution…