Zwift crashes/Not Responding- twice at 20m08s

Cycling in Yorkshire.
Windows laptop, recently updated with December 2020 windows updates.
No graphics updates available (onboard UHD620)
Zwift crashed at exactly the same time…

Should I re-install Zwift?


There seem to be more users of Intel GPUs with problems, search the forum. Generally - not only Zwift users, other games have problems, too.

Edit - I know my answer doesn’t help… I had an old Nvidia, bought a new one, (GTX 1650 - needs no extra power, 150 Euros) - happy with ultra graphics now. Perhaps would this be an option for you, but it depends on your PC, too - motherboard, CPU, etc…

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Same problem with my laptop. Crashes saying Zwift not responding. Intel UHDgraphics built into i5 processor with 1 GB

IF that is the cause I think it’s a new PC.

Same problem win 10, zwift randomly freezes