Number of Zwifters listed in Activites/Activity Feed

When looking at the ‘Activities’ information provided in the Companion app on my phone after a ride, there are figures for those I follow (in orange) and, presumably, everyone on the ride (in black). Do these numbers represent everyone who registered for the ride, or everyone who actually participated?

I’ve noticed that when I log in to (which I do only about twice a month), the ‘Activity Feed’ information for the same ride shows fewer people in each of ‘Zwifters you follow’ and ‘Total Zwifters’:


Just curious.
These are from a group ride yesterday. I didn’t think that there were so many people present during the ride – would have estimated 140 maximum, but maybe that’s due to Zwift only showing the x closest avatars to you in the mini map and in game.

Registered i believe @Roule_Thoune

I use the figures in My Zwift (which are sometimes incorrect) or the listed number of riders on the right display + the number at the bottom in my ride reports.

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