Total Zwifters count incorrect in feed activities

At least 18 riders started this event in C. There were 15 finishers visible in Companion results. Activity feed on the Zwift website says 10. Event ID 3752105

Screenshot 2023-07-04 at 11.58.33

Are the missing Zwifters possibly ones that have set their profile/activities as private?

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Thanks for theorizing but in this case only 2 out of 15 are private.

I noticed this recently too in Stage 1 of this months race series on Monday.

7 riders shown on the Zwift feed page for cat B

16 finishers on the Companion app results.

13 finishers on Zwiftpower (because some people are not registered on ZP you can always expect less finishers here)

Event ID: 3749442