My total number of Zwift rides

Is there an easy way to see the total number of Zwift events or rides I’ve done since joining Zwift?

I know I can see my total Zwift distance (miles), elevation gain, time spent, pizza slices (using the companion App).

I looked at my Strava for all my virtual rides, and got a number from the last 5 years: 1909 rides. Was wondering if Zwift can report number of rides or events.


Zwiftpower will show you the number of events you have completed since connecting your Zwift account to ZP. As far as I know that’s the only way.

There’s also the Activities tab in Zwiftpower which shows non-event rides as well. 50 activities per loaded page x the number of pages = total # of rides?

I guess it’s hard to have a total count displayed somewhere. . . :frowning:

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Strava → Training → My Activities → Virtual Ride
1909 rides… my first one was in Oct 2018 2hrs of Watopia.
Zwift someday should show the number of rides somewhere in a menu.
At this point in time, I don’t feel like connecting to yet another data mining sports website.