At what point does zwift send notifications that you are riding? Like when you start the app, when you pick a map or when you start pedaling??

Tia :blush:

I really hope it’s only when you’re pedalling. :face_with_peeking_eye:

I think it is only once you are on the road. So once the world is loaded.

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Yep, it’s when you’re teleported to the world. Don’t have to be moving.

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Okay, in that case I hope nobody has me favourited. :rofl:


I think it may be sooner than you see yourself appear on the road. I’ve seen the notification for some people and gone to give them a ride on and can’t.

Usually I don’t start pedalling until I see my avatar, but the other day I was pedalling while the world was loading and when I appeared I was already moving.

If i start pedaling before the world loads when it does there is already a few seconds on the clock too so it probably starts as it is loading.

weirdly if i load a workout and pedal before the world loads the workout timer doesn’t start until the world has loaded but the elapsed timer is a few seconds further ahead.