Ride Setup question

Hey Zwift nation,

Newb question, but when planning to do a ride on Zwift, how many days in advance do you turn on your computer to allow for updates etc. etc.

Three days, two days? It may even be possible to turn it on 24 hours before but I doubt it.

What do you guys do?

I’m away on holiday next week so might start it before I go, should be ready by the time I’m back. Fingers crossed!

Price you pay for cutting edge graphics, I guess.

My updates never take longer than I take to put on my shoes.

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Can you post a rundown of the system you are running Zwift on.

It takes probably less than a minute for Zwift updates on my PC.

If you’re trying to catch the start of an event, logging in early is always good advice, if for no other reason than to warm up.

I personally typically boot up Zwift 15-20 min early to get things all squared away (devices paired, an updates completed, etc.).

Once Zwift is up and running, I go get my kit on, fill my water bottles, grab my headphones (hopefully charged) and head out on a warmup which is usually 5-10 min depending on how hard the event I’m joining will be.

This is funny because it is so true. I found this Avantree headphones NB16 with 20 hours of continuous talk / music play time. The nice thing is they notify you that your battery is low with 2 hours to go.

What a sarcastic ■■■■ I can be, got a better WiFi signal out to the garage and now I’m golden. Thanks for the replies, chaps.