Couple of issues

First of all - I’m a newbie and really enjoy Zwift! However, there are a couple of items, I stumbled over:


1.) There seems to be some sort of messup with the dates of a workout. Maybe that is because not the local time of the rider’s computer is used, but some sort of internet time?! (It is not UTC and does not seem to be PST as well?!). According to the program I did two workouts on the same day, which is not correct.

2.) I get a little confused with the chat function in Zwift. The manual only has a very short explanation regarding chats.

The group chat is pretty much self explanatory (however - how far does the chatting go? Will all riders in my nearby list receive the message? Or only 500m? 2 minutes?).

But I have troubles to get along with private messages. I use the Zwift app. Why do the messages have to disappear so quickly? Why is there no list with all received messages (like in WhatsApp for example)? By the time you can check the riders name, the message is gone. And if it was a private message from a rider, who took a turn at a junction into a different direction, I can’t find a way to send a reply, as the rider disappeared from the list.

3.) A promt or button to return to the start menu without fully exiting the program would be very helpful. For example if you want to change the training routine you first selected, you have to make a full restart of the program.

4.) The automatic interruption after a training is should be removed. The program should ask, if you wanted to continue the ride instead or just give a note, that training was finished.

5.) I can’t find an exit button in the start menu?!

6.) Sometimes the shadows seem to jump back and forth especially during sunrise / sunset. Maybe there is some problem with the internal time calculation?


I will certainly ride on!

Thanks guys for making indoor training addictive!

Hi Christopher. That’s quite a few questions, but I’ll do my best to answer them.

1st - Dates for workouts come from UTC (network time) and are logged at the time that you save successfully from the entire zwift session, not when you finish the workout in-game. 

2nd - Normal messages have a half kilometer radius. We see plenty of room for improvements with chat and we’ve got some in the works, so keep an eye out for them.

3rd - This is planned. Unfortunately, I don’t have a time frame for when.

4th - Press the ESC key.

5th - At the “Ride” Screen, you would need to either get dropped onto the course first, then press ESC to exit.

6th - Thanks for the feedback on that. We’d certainly appreciate a video of that to help us look into it. You can submit it via a support ticket.

Well, we’re certainly happy that you’re enjoying Zwift and your feedback truly helps us improve. See you out there!


Thank you Nick!

I will try and catch a video of the shadows.

Number 4 and 5 are good, but the ESC key is far away, when I’m sitting on the bike… Any Chance to implement that in the app?

See you!